Nexus Gyro - Designed so users can 'gyrate' their way to a male G- spot

Nexus Gyro P-Spot Massager Specs

Ball diameter
Arm diameter
Black, Purple
  • black colour sex toy
  • black colour sex toy

About the Nexus Gyro P-Spot Massager

The Nexus Gyro was developed in conjunction with UK's Sex Worker of the Year. It is specifically designed for men who want to experiment with anal play - stimulating the prostate (the G-spot) and perineum area.


These areas are pivotal in controlling and increasing a man's erection, orgasm and ejaculation. Essentially, they are the command centres for sexual pleasure. The Gyro enhances the strength of traditional orgasms whilst masturbating or during intercourse, it can also be used during foreplay. The Gyro is a hands-free male G-spot toy made with motion in mind! Designed so users can 'gyrate' their way to a male G-spot orgasm!

Made from super-soft silicone for added flexibility and comfort. The Nexus Gyro is phthalate free like the other nexus prostate toys in our range. There are also other silicone prostate massagers in our range, the Nexus 'O', Nexus Duo range and Nexus Pods are just some to mention.

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