Nexus Gyro - Designed so users can 'gyrate' their way to a male G- spot

Nexus Gyro Prostate Massager

One of the latest hands- free additions to the Nexus family, The Gyro is a male G-spot toy with motion in mind! Designed so users can 'gyrate' their way to a male G- spot orgasm! Made from comfortable, phthalate- free, super-soft silicon

Made from super-soft silicone for added flexibility and comfort. The Nexus Gyro is phthalate free like the other anal sex toys in our range, including the nexus vibro, glide, excel and titus. There are also other silicone prostate massagers in our range, the Nexus 'O', Nexus Duo range and Nexus Pods are just some to mention.

The Nexus Gyro P-Spot Massager
From Just 50.00
  • > hands free
  • > Simple and sexy design
  • > Gyrate your way to a male G-spot orgasm
  • > Medically designed for a comfortable fit
New Product : The Nexus 'O'
From Just 40.00

The new Nexus 'O' has a three ball design that works to stimulate the G-spot, it provides a secure fit and tickles the perineum.

New Product : The Nexus Neo
From Just 35.00

The Neo is a new addition to the Nexus family. Based on the Nexus Glide, the Neo has slightly more length and more girth to provide a more fulfilling experience.